I would love to be proven wrong about this BRICS alliance but at the moment with the global posturing at G20 etc, it looks like the NWO is just pitching up it’s tent and moving from The city of London and Washington and moving to Russia and China. When Putin’s rhetoric changes to discussion of the release of Tesla’s technology and free sustainable energy, the release of all other technology including cures for cancer etc and about debt forgiveness and wealth packages for immediate poverty relief instead of the cancer of Bill Gates et all, issuing vaccines to kill more life then I will be convinced and I think that is a fair enough reason to remain reticent of an opinion over any kind of proposed financial reset, it could just be the banks shut down in USA and London and re-open for business in Russia and China with a bunch of narcissistic criminals running the purse strings.

But as I said. more than happy to be proven totally wrong. Regardless I see a solution to all this being a positive one as the greed center is filling up to maximum and they know this..

Planetary butterfly effect is manifest.. I truly believe the event is far more than a new bank and a bit more cash that others are desperate to see manifest. We are talking reality change.



Manifestation of our intent.

Very intense energy causes the conflicts within. We are totally driven by the energy surrounding us, dogs can clearly see this as do all the other sentient beings of this living planet. Understanding the energy will help with understanding YOU. We are creations of divine intelligence, Sol in human avatars, here to have living experience and coming out of a galactic winter. Darkest before the dawn.. Know Thyself, energy is everything, we are source energy having human experience, it’s just a ride so why not choose to enjoy the ride with love in your hearts.. The conflicting energy wants you to always choose sides be it light or dark, that’s the energy of duality. It will feed off your negative and positive intentions but without one the other does not exist, that’s 3rd dimensional lower consciousness.. This planet is now ascending to a much higher vibration frequency, much more balanced, not so hard for the masses, not so predatory and this includes all of natures expressions of which we are but one, but all the same as source energy is the spark that gave us life, we are now at the stage of manifestation so be careful what you wish for.. Coming out of a galactic winter is quite a ride..

Love is a frequency and so is fear.

I have a  feeling right now which prompted me to finally start a blog! It’s motivation enough..

The energy I am resonating in right now is easier to describe as a scenario, So if you can imagine two gunfighters. Facing off at each other, there would be a moment there when both realize this is going to happen.  The energy around them would be palpable, we all resonate in energy and it controls us, Lots  of us are still unaware of this. But it’s real.. It is possible to read this energy, make predictions. Precognition is not a phenomenon I just think it’s one thing that we’ve been disconnected from

Our human biological super computers have been running on survive mode for millennia and that’s how we are so easily controlled. This is due to the  energy we resonate in. This energy is changing right now and it’s increasing, the operating system we work on is literally being upgraded, this is what happens when there is a pole shift. A shift of ages, an expansion of consciousness and we are all fractals of consciousness. We have light bodies that really are us, we have been having a human experience which is one of disconnection from our light bodies, our souls..

This makes our soul immortal and this reality merely temporary, death is a lie that has been indoctrinated in to us, again for the purposes of control by so called “Ruling Elites” They are behind all this, the keepers of sacred knowledge, when they are thieves who have kept this from the mass populace.

This is Evolution. Not Revolution. It’s the end of a great cycle that sparks off revolution at certain periods of our current linear time, sparks off renaissance also, but this is the end of that great cycle. Events always happen to denote the end of something and the beginning of something new. Keeping us in the dark has simply not worked. Not when the great cycle comes about again.

Zero point.

I sense a global event is going to be a catalyst that this darkness has to literally shit or get off the pot..The game is up, they know we know. We’ve been sedated in the UK. Things are erupting all over this planet and shit is getting real as in manifesting beyond words or emotions. May 1st is an important occult date, this planet has been going through a magnetic pole reversal-shift for quite some time and the eschaton approaches, zero point, it’s a whole science that has been kept from us..

That’s because knowledge is power.

The good thing is that it’s out of their hands, as much as any of us not in their sick little elitist club of secret societies. Because humanity at this stage in evolution would certainly fuck it up, I believe it to be not just the end of an empire, it’s the end of an entire age which is good because it’s going to be common knowledge fairly soon that it was a true dark age.

Out with the old and in with the new.

So karma and all that is coming to cash in on the nonce brigade, the banksters, the cult of celebrity, the propaganda machine of mainstream media, the darkness at the root of the medical profession, the military industrial complex and all those caught up in the great pantomime of global blackmail, corporate mafia. We will move past all that and heal and within time it’s history, but it’s history that we all helped shape. Or maybe we should change it to a collective Ourstory.. The whole world has a voice and it’s getting louder with the voices of the downtrodden and shit on from a great height. I would not want to be a person in real power now because they must feel like Tony Soprano, Born in to it right at the fucking end.

Thatcher was one of the last serious ghouls in British politics and she is back to atoms by now, The vast majority of the rest of them are empty suits who need an auto cue to take a piss, UK is in league with the US the same people print the money and It’s shocking how that one has been kept quiet for so long, the zionist anti-human cabal. They are fucking up the false flags like Benghazi and Sandy Hook and now Boston. And rumor is Obama is going to be impeached very soon along with the arrests of the Bush cartel et al.. A wounded animal is indeed dangerous but this one is very old and it’s teeth are worn down. I believe this particular nasty has been around longer than the hilarious date they give for the bullshitters current age of Stonehenge and the Pyramids all over the globe . They’ve been running around destroying ancient historical sites to better suit their nihilist vision to sell to us and the control system fed to us as a “modern education”

It’s all dark age.  Academics are going to struggle with this one as a lot of it is just plain lies and the ramblings of mad, mostly old men with unquenchable ego. Cancer has always in my opinion been treatable and it’s simply a depopulation tool and a bi-product of lower consciousness,  low vibrational manifestation.  The so called “Elites” have known this yet used this knowledge not for the betterment of humanity but for profit and for total self serving sociopathic ends.

It has all happened due to being an age that supports this schism in humanity.

I don’t know what is coming but I expect to see something soon and it wont be boring, and karma is science, not religious dogma or new age drippy shit. My account is clear, I’ve been working on it for quite some time. The one’s with the true dark secrets are no coincidence the one’s feeling that spotlight, It’s pure universal lore science in my opinion, just not this nihilistic dark age science.. Vibrations, frequency, our pineal glands and endocrine systems are all words we will be hearing a lot more of.

Because we are more than just meat suits with NI numbers.

Consciousness is science, sacred knowledge the so called “Elites” call this. But it’s common knowledge when we shift out of a dark age. Which I truly believe is the transition period we are literally moving out of now and have been in since before 911. I think that is what the bullshitters who love to write controlling manifesto like the bible call the revelations, the transition between two completely different frequencies, ages. And that explains why I’ve always felt just slightly out of tune.

Now I have the feeling of a radio that you are just fine tuning to get that great sound of the song slowly coming in through the noise, and it is sounding more and more like a tune the 99% can all dance to, and not that old shit we’ve all simply had enough of..