The human soul journey is to overcome Samsara. To awaken fully and not have to go back in to reincarnation to learn more human lessons. This is known as ascension. It’s a personal journey and a collective as whole entire solar systems go through galactic seasons, higher and lower states of consciousness.

Many still don’t get the fact that if you are reading this right now the chances are you’ve had at least a 1000 past lives on this planet. And then you get the opportunity to live and learn from all of them in one single incarnation. This breaks your own chains and then you are free to go further, higher states of consciousness and infinite reality. Not back to forget remember mode of womb to tomb.

How many reading this are literally sick of the repeat cycles of birth and death, fear of the unknown due to not knowing who you truly are?

The dying control system is harvesting souls.. Time to sort the wheat from the chaff, my soul is sovereign.. If your path is to carry on with the human reincarnation cycle then so be it, but I know mine ends at this one as part of this old paradigm. And it wont be based on how much money I have in the bank and how much materialistic shit I’ve collected, that’s when we realize those that have it all have the least when their age comes to and end.

The meek shall inherit the Earth is true, but the meek means living in the heart as per our original DNA blueprint of much higher awareness where we can literally create our own reality. If you could manifest your own reality would you have a constant struggle between light and dark as the soundtrack and ego greed monetary system where the richest are held up to us like demi-gods..

Human consciousness is also just ONE of an endless stream of consciousness on this and an endless stream of systems, galaxies and planets, Earth is a womb in the galactic for springing forth life expression. We should be treating her as our collective Mother and making ready for the next phase which for many will not even be on this beautiful planet but elsewhere on other planets going through varying states of consciousness. It’s all energy, everything is energy, our bodies are sub-atomic particles resonating in a dense energy and our DNA dictates the structure and our bodies are literally avatars for the soul. Treat them all with mutual love and respect and walk in to full remembrance.

Or not as the case may be for many, this is a journey, a ride, many have been here before and some are younger and have less memory and much more experience to gain.

This is the true meaning of the word “University” and for many here it is graduation time.

Lots of love from my heart to all. It’s something that needs to be in total abundance and the galactic is constantly sending us gentle nudges to urge us to the event horizon.

Love is the glue of the universe.



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