It’s really quite simple to my current understanding.

The dying control system of “elitist” loan shark slavery is desperate to create global insurrection right at the time when humanity becomes more loving and united due to a huge shift in consciousness.

We are leaving dis-unity consciousness due to our shifting position in the cosmos, this brings our home in to unity consciousness.

selling war to the critical mass of pacifism is gong to be a tough sell. All current world leaders are puppets of this dying oligarchical system, just look at them, they live in palaces while people starve around them. They are all complicit.

The current system is ultimately a self defeating organism just like a caterpillar, the more it feeds the closer it comes to it’s inevitable transformation.

Time to open up and flower and be love.

Planetary butterfly is manifest, galactic butterfly effect is manifest. as above so below.

We are the microcosm of the macrocosm.



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