Popular blogs are being attacked by a legion of shills, but you can tell purely by the energy intention in their words, a vast majority of info on the internet is utter bollocks but it’s needed in order to sharpen your discernment so even the negative info has purpose just like the banking system is needed for us to manifest the butterfly effect in the human physical reality.

Nothing in nature is evil, have a neutral stance and you’re out of the ego/mind duality mind frame. This is where energy intention flows.. The akash is here and your soul record, all of you reading this no exclusions, we are all equal in higher expressions of consciousness we are equal right now but running old tired programs of separation and the atrophy of this will worsen and then the caterpillar transforms, the greed machine is self defeating the banksters are their own worse enemies that’s the truth of it all.. we’ve descended down to this, to experience separation, and then to wake up and unify in unified consciousness and to be love.

You reap what you sow regardless but don’t blame any one but yourself as the intuition is not to be ignored we’ve just had a severe disconnect.. Time to balance out our karma and choose more positive solutions to everything.

Stay grounded and focus love to all, even those who would attack your loving intention, although it weakens them when they do so they tend to leave true empaths well out of it and they attack those in the early stages of opening up.

United we stand divided they fall. The next stage is learning the capacity to help those that have fallen and forgiveness is a key element on the journey back to heart soul essence, it’s the biggest and that’s why it’s the last one before true expansion..

Somebody can turn their back on love but it’s never wasted when you send the intention out regardless,  it’s waiting for them when they decide it’s time to return home. And this is a two way thing so being authentic now reaps rewards along the path and we’ve only just started the return journey home after millennia of separation..




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