I would love to be proven wrong about this BRICS alliance but at the moment with the global posturing at G20 etc, it looks like the NWO is just pitching up it’s tent and moving from The city of London and Washington and moving to Russia and China. When Putin’s rhetoric changes to discussion of the release of Tesla’s technology and free sustainable energy, the release of all other technology including cures for cancer etc and about debt forgiveness and wealth packages for immediate poverty relief instead of the cancer of Bill Gates et all, issuing vaccines to kill more life then I will be convinced and I think that is a fair enough reason to remain reticent of an opinion over any kind of proposed financial reset, it could just be the banks shut down in USA and London and re-open for business in Russia and China with a bunch of narcissistic criminals running the purse strings.

But as I said. more than happy to be proven totally wrong. Regardless I see a solution to all this being a positive one as the greed center is filling up to maximum and they know this..

Planetary butterfly effect is manifest.. I truly believe the event is far more than a new bank and a bit more cash that others are desperate to see manifest. We are talking reality change.



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