Manifestation of our intent.

Very intense energy causes the conflicts within. We are totally driven by the energy surrounding us, dogs can clearly see this as do all the other sentient beings of this living planet. Understanding the energy will help with understanding YOU. We are creations of divine intelligence, Sol in human avatars, here to have living experience and coming out of a galactic winter. Darkest before the dawn.. Know Thyself, energy is everything, we are source energy having human experience, it’s just a ride so why not choose to enjoy the ride with love in your hearts.. The conflicting energy wants you to always choose sides be it light or dark, that’s the energy of duality. It will feed off your negative and positive intentions but without one the other does not exist, that’s 3rd dimensional lower consciousness.. This planet is now ascending to a much higher vibration frequency, much more balanced, not so hard for the masses, not so predatory and this includes all of natures expressions of which we are but one, but all the same as source energy is the spark that gave us life, we are now at the stage of manifestation so be careful what you wish for.. Coming out of a galactic winter is quite a ride..


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